About Me: Patrick Cabral

I learned to fly before I learned how to drive. I obtained my pilot’s license at just 17 and never had a greater drive in my life then flying.

My teaching began in middle of 2006 for a short period before I enlisted into the Marine Corps Reserve. I finish my training in early of 2007 and returned home to instructed for

3 months. During those three months, the urge to finish school was growing so I moved to Columbus, OH where I was accepted to The Ohio State University. I did not instruct due to the inclement weather and focus on finishing my degree. Completing my degree with a BA in Aviaton Management in the spring of 2011. It was time to get back to flying, so in the winter of 2011 began the long road to getting into flying shape. That 2012 Summer, I also finished my commitment to the Marine Corps. I reinstated my Certified Flight Instructor License in November of 2012 and have been teaching actively to the present day.

I have been a pilot for over 10 years, and although I took a break from teaching while I received my beachelor’s degree, I began my flying “career” almost 7 years ago. They say that having a license to fly is a license to learn and as an active instructor; I can not agree more.

Who I am

Who I am as a person is hard question with, I believe, a very easy answer. I am person that lives his life with intent of getting back up every time one is knock down.

If you were to look at me on the outside, you would see a typical married man is his late thirties and has two kids. Most people would not give a second thought of just another guy.

Now, if you were to give him that second thought; this is what I would show you. I am a man who loves to be active. In my world there is always something to do, some problem to solve, or some game to win. I truly believe, that life boils down to those three criteria.

Come fly with me anytime. Not only will you come away with a smile but learn something filled with excitement.

What kind of life I lead.
My philosophy about life.
General overview of who you are. Example see ellycallison.com
example: I live with my fiance, an excellent web designer, here in Walnut Creek, CA with our dogs Dagger and Dillon.
extremely hard worker
sports enthusiast – love the Sharks and the A’s and the Buckeyes
graduated from The Ohio State
love snow boarding
play golf – poorly
ride motorcycles
while at The Ohio State University, I joined the fraternity of Acacia, where I met many of my good friends today.
like tinkering with mechanics – mechanical projects, whether that be fixing car, building motorcycles, or helping out in the maintenance department of my current flight school
i like watching action movies, reading historic fiction, and of course, playing halo
a part of the marine corps reserve for 6 years and was honorably discharged as a sergeant
like fishing
in my free time, right now, I tend to focus on advancing my career, which including formation flying, arobatics, and gaining additional ratings, such as multi-engine, and instrument
in my free time, I hang out with my dog, Dagger, play video games, read war novels (Web Griffin), and train for the upcoming tough mudder at my gym, “The Hanger Gym.”
Generally, I believe that no matter where we stand, we can always Fly Higher, so I push both myself and my students to challenge themselves to strive to be better. I encourage my students to constantly seek new things about aviation, for a pilot’s license is, above all, a license to learn.

My history of Flying

How did you get into aviation:
raised in the 80s. I watched Top Gun like a Disney movie.
I caught “the bug” of flying from Top Gun.
I wanted to be a fighter pilot: maverick (and still insist that my first son will be named Maverick – my girlfriend maintains a firm “no” on that…but I’ll break her).
playing with RC airplanes.
I made models of fighter jets and other WWII airplanes
started flying at 16 (see below)
It was my 16 birthday and my parents had presented me two introductory flights at two different airports to choose which school I wanted to be a part of to start my training towards a private pilots’ license. I chose Reid Hill-view in San Jose, CA and did the majority of my training, from private pilot to CFI there.
After High school, I joined the marine corps, where I worked as a mechanic while attending The Ohio State University for aviation management.
I know how to fly tail-wheel aircraft. complex aircraft – controllable pitch prop, retractable landing gear. Multi-engine trained. Constantly thirst for new knowledge about aviation.
member of AOPA Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
member of EAA Experimental Aircraft Association
member of IAC International Airobatic Club
was member of AAAE American Associates of Airport Executive while in college
Focusing on flying rather than airports

what makes me a good pilot?

  1. I have a solid belief that flying well has more to do with your rudder control than anything else. And I will teach you the quick ways to realize the feeling to make your airwork go from “ok” to “expert.” Most people learn how to fly using the yolk.
  2. I am humble in the fact that I do not know everything. I am comfortable saying I don’t know. But I am also committed to finding answers for both you, and since you asked me the question, myself. I will search heaven and hell to not only find the answer but a way to explain it in a easily digestible fashion.
  3. I train myself. I’m constantly learning. I search for avenues to improve my own flying and to expand my own horizons. this gives me insight on ways to help every student from the beginners to the advanced. I thirst for knowledge in the aviation community.

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