About Patrick Cabral

I love to fly. I learned to fly before I learned to drive. I earned my pilot’s license at age 17 and never had a greater passion than flying. I became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) in June of 2006 prior to enlisting in the Marine Corps. Upon completion of basic training, I was accepted into the Aviation Management Program at The Ohio State University, in Columbus, Ohio.

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After spending 6 years in the Marine Corps Reserves and graduating from OSU in 2011, I returned to California and resumed my flight instruction profession. I have been a pilot for over 10 years. They say that having a pilot’s license is a license to learn. As an active CFI, I couldn’t agree more. Flying is a continuous learning experience. I can help you begin your journey. A journey that ill be a truly challenging and a life changing experience.


Who I am

Who am I? I am that person who lives life with the intent of getting back up, every time one is knocked down.

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My job is to teach, guide and instill in you how to fly an airplane safely and efficiently. If you want to attain that dream of earning your pilot’s license; to be able to solo among the clouds or take friends in the air; I can help you fulfill that passion. If you want to continue your advancement to become a better and safer pilot; the privilege would be mine.

Flying with me will enable you to fly different aircraft in various weather conditions; to fly across the country; or to fly sole by the instruments. When you fly with me you will be able to confront crosswinds and cloud layers with the calm and confidence you never thought you had.

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Services I Offer

I offer a variety of services to help you move forward in your piloting career. As a certified, multi-engine/instrument rated, flight instructor, I can assist you gain these certifications and rating.

  • Primary Training – Private pilot l
  • Instrument Training – Rating
  • Multi-Engine – Rating
  • Commercial Training – Commercial pilot training
  • Tailwheel Transitions – ex. flying a Citabria
  • Complex/High Performace Endorsements – ex. flying a Piper Arrow or Cessna 182
  • Sea Plane – Rating
  • Build Time – always could use a Safety Pilot
  • Biannual Flight Reviews (BFRs)
  • Aircraft Checkouts

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Ferrying Aircraft

There are times in a pilot’s life where one contemplates buying their first airplane. When that time comes and the purchase is complete, it is a great feeling of pride. Then comes the unique decision of flying the plane home or paying a more experienced pilot to ferry the plane home. So, have you recently purchase an airplane that is based in another state?

There are many reasons why a private pilot may want to hire a ferry pilot to safely fly their plane home. Have you moved to a new home, across the country, and had to leave your plane behind? This is more common than one might think. The amount of logistics can be exhausting when transporting an airplane. Most people have a very high demand on their time; in a world where time is money, it only makes sense to hire an experienced pilot to bring your plane to you.

If you are interested in moving your aircraft, contact me to discuss your options or to request a quote.

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Please email me at acecabral@me.com to request a quote. Thank you.

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